Don’t listen to everything you’re told…

So I was reading the news (as usual) and I came across this ranking done recently by a German marketing research firm concerning the purchasing power parity per capita in 40 countries in Europe.

European GDP PPP Per Capita Rankings

European GDP PPP Per Capita Rankings

At first, when I glanced at it, I naturally assumed it to be correct and not erroneous in any way. I looked closer at it though, and I found a couple of mistakes (I like to keep up with the economic recovery of southeastern Europe). Here it says that purchasing power per capita for Bulgaria is 2,453 euro. Hmm, but the CIA factbook says that the PPP for Bulgaria is $10,700 (2006 est.), or about 7,294 euro. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say: $10,844 (2007 est.), or 7,419 euro.

Bulgaria isn’t the only discrepancy there. The Serbian PPP is estimated at $7 265 (2007 est), or 4,952 euro. Romania is $10,661 (2007 est.), or 7,267 euro. Even Turkey is misreported, with a more realistic value approaching $9,628 (2007 est.), or 6,563 euro.

The survey bothered me, and I needed to post this to show that it was wrong. Anyway, the economy of Bulgaria is growing by 6% a year, a very nice figure, but at this rate, to reach even Greece’s current standard of living, or, $33,004 (2006 est), it would take Bulgaria about 18 and a half years…


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