Well, it seems I made the move to from my own webspace. Logically, it makes sense. Here I have 3 gigs of space, all the themes that I could ever want, and no hassles with upgrading and worrying about security. Great. My pride, though, doesn’t like being dependent on a blogging service. Oh well.

What I am going to use my web space for is something a little different. An actual website. I think I’m going to set up an online community for me, my family, my friends, friends of my friends, etc. Something where we can all keep in touch. I know facebook is already out, I’m not behind the times. The point of this is, how well can you really carry out a conversation on facebook? It’s impossible! Maybe on a forum it won’t be so tough…

Anyway, this migration is eating up my time. I have two midterms after my break ends, and both of which will require at least a couple days of studying. On top of that, I need to actually finish my resume, send it to my uncle, and see if I can find something to do over the summer. Oh, and I need to finish the switch from MAT 204 to MAT 202…<br/>

Yes, I did switch down. Why? Because I got a C on my midterm. And I can’t afford to have another bad final grade in a class, especially because Princeton doesn’t let you retake classes to get a better grade. Weird policy if you ask me. Then again, I’m in the position where I want to retake a class. Hmm..


About renovatio

I'm a recent college graduate looking forward to realizing my dreams. Hopefully, some of you will share in my successes by reading my blogs!
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