A “Federal Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia”?

An interesting (though overtly pessimistic) article I recently read mentioned that there are rumors circulating about a federal state in the making between Bulgaria and Macedonia.  While it might be possible, and Bulgarians would certainly like the idea, I’m not so sure how much Macedonians would like to be part of such a union.  Macedonians still feel that Bulgarians want Macedonia to be incorporated into a larger Bulgaria.  I’m not certain that there is any mainstream political party (except for Ataka, maybe) who even has this goal.  In fact, Bulgaria unconditionally recognized the existance of Macedonia as a nation a long, long time ago.  And though many people claim that Bulgaria didn’t recognize the Macedonian ethnicity and language, the Bulgarian premier who recognized Macedonia, Philip Dimitrov, has repeatedly said that Bulgaria recognized all aspects of Macedonian independence, such as statehood, ethnicity, and language.

Federal Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia

I think it would certainly be an interesting experiment, anyway.  As long as the two countries enter into such a union willingly and for good reason.  Here’s what it says on the article: “It is interesting to note that widespread rumors for an eventual “Federal Union” between FYROM and Bulgaria are beginning to circulate, an event that will have ramifications probably more important and intense than Kosovo independence.”  Not to mention that it might be the only way for Macedonia to get into NATO and the EU in the near future.  That is, if the recent trouble between Russia and Georgia doesn’t force Greece to be more lenient with its northern neighbor.

I personally think it’s in the regions interest if all nations work at building closer ties and develop more economic links.  What would be very interesting is if the idea of a Yugoslavia sees a rebirth, stemming from the creation of such a union.  This time, though, Bulgaria would be included.  I think later on I’ll examine how and why it was a mistake and detrimental for Bulgaria to not join (since after World War II Stalin meant for Bulgaria Yugoslavia until Tito took a more independent course) the old Yugoslavia, both for Bulgaria and Yugoslavia as a whole.


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3 Responses to A “Federal Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia”?

  1. Magdalena says:

    very interesting! I have never heard of these rumors. I think I definitely learn more about Bulgaria’s future from outside sources than from Bulgarian mainstream media.

  2. thetechnoir says:

    No, you can radly hear such an idea even in Bulgaria.

    Bulgarians think of “Macedonia” and people living there as an integral part. Hm… perhaps like Bavarians are also German, Welsh – British, etc. Of course most of us believe that people should have the right to chose how to distingush themselves and to be independant or not. So generally if they really wish to be in some independant state (which is actually doubtful due to the heavy propahanda and artifical hatered) – fine for them. But to convince anybody that they are indeed something different is another matter. And yes, it generally leaves a bit bitter taste for bulgarians.

    Part of that geographic region is in today’s Bulgaria. If you ask people there if they feel Macedonian (of course we refer to it as the subculture liing in a geographic location, not the anciant Macedonians), they’d say “Yes I am Macedonian”. But when the… those at the other side of the border tried to establish a party in bulgaria, they did not get a quorum. The question “Are you Macedonian OR Bulgarian?” brought only 3000 to answer positive (after years of serious effords to mobilize them).

  3. Constantine says:

    A fantastic idea. It makes sense for the weakest and poorest nations to form a confederation. If implemented correctly, this could be very beneficial economically for all states involved. It could also be expanded to other Balkan nations.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that it becomes a single country; people must be able to keep their culture and languages. However, Bulgaria and Macedonia are very similar in terms of culture and language so it is logical to consider unification.

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