Iran Twits – Mousavi, Khamenei, Islam, Democracy, and Revolution

Iranian protesters defy rally ban

Iranian protesters defy rally ban

Iranians have been defying a ban on protest and media to protest the 2009 Presidential election results which most claim were rigged.  The results showed 64% of the vote when to Ahmadinejad, the far right populist incumbent, while only 33% went to Masouvi, the reformist.  These protests seem poised to forever change how the Islamic Republic works.  What even inside sources (of the regime in Iran) seem to suggest though, is that the results are fabricated, and that Mousavi received 19 million votes compared to Ahmadinejad’s 8 million.  Iranians are protesting en masse this fabrication, and these street protests could very well turn into revolution.

Note:  I can’t claim for the factual certainty of these twitter posts, however, they provide an interesting dynamic showing what’s happening in Tehran, and Iran in general.  Also, the twitterers aren’t the original Iranians, this is to protect them from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards which are seeking out protesters who post online in order to arrest them.
toronto_guy1979: People are now chanting “down with the dictator” and “God is Great” on rooftops.The sound of freedom is being heard in Tehran #iranelection

christmasfairie: RT Iran: Basij now moving with motorcycles in streets trying to scare people to stop chanting. it is not working anymore #iranelection #gr88

robbtufts: RT @mousavi1388 Tonight 10,11,12, “Alaho Akbar” from rooftops. #IranElection

lightningbaron: Will take this serious now: DO NOT RT names of Iranian twitters, arrests are happening #IranElection #gr88 Though @StopAhmadi says RT his.

oxfordgirl: Mousavi has not been shot, people trying to start panic and provoke violence. Don’t RT. #Iranelection #gr88 #Iranelections

dreadedcandiru: RTf/Iran: confirmed 2 killed in Tabriz’s engineering university really getting awful for all students around the country #iranelection

DukeStJournal: RT @persiankiwi: Confirmed Mousavi – Friday Sea of Green will march to Friday Prayers in Tehran – #Iranelection

kfniazi: #iranelection RT from American student in Iran: Numerous mullahs booking flights out of Iran!! Holy Smoke guys you did it!

good_associate: RT from Iran Gov spreading false rumours on twitter that protestors are causing violence – this is NOT true – #Iranelection

sxyblkmn: RT @NextRevolution: police wearing green scarf on the street smiled at me…real revolution now #IranElection

riazrizvi: take the mullahs out of government and write a constitution of tolerance and prosperity #iranelection

jlharter: RT: @jackola: RT QUOTE OF DAY from Iran Student “We students do not chant death to America, We want American Constitution#IranElection

derekspalla: RT from Iran: news – Mousavi & Khatami have delivered joint letter to Ministry of Justice demanding release of protestors – #Iranelection

bozaloshtsh: RT All press permits have been canceled and the press is now banned from working at the behest of the Revolutionary Guard. #iranelection

AlternateIran: rt ordinary ppl in Iran have no reliable info – gov is trying to break all communication routes – #Iranelection

bloodlesscoup: RT @wheresmyvoteorg Iran’s soccer team wears symbolic green bands.. #IranElection

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