Since ‘renovatio’ means renewal…

So here I am, resurrecting this blog for my own strange, personal reasons. A friend recently reminded me about the wonders of blogging, and I figure, why not? Shameless plug: I’m also running another blog called wakingmuse in which I will explore writing fiction. I have always enjoyed writing, and maybe, with some luck, I can get better at it and entertain some people along the way.

Some other housekeeping around here. Changed the theme from Treba to TwentyTen. I figure this is easier to read. I have gone through all of the posts with image links that were broken and fixed them. Some old links from back when I used to be in high school (! Yes, that’s how old this blog is, from 2005. Most of my personal blog posts are hidden though) and college have been removed.

So what makes this different than 3 years ago when I vowed to write again? Well, at the time, I was extremely preoccupied. I was trying to finish college, figure out what I was going to do next, trying to fix a three year relationship that was ultimately doomed, and being worried sick about my grandparents’ health. Where am I now? Well, I graduate from college a while ago now, and am about to start a new job in the beginning of June.

So why do I want to blog again/what will I use the blog for? Much like what I had been doing. Talking about and discussing topics which interest me. Maybe I’ll gather some readers, maybe not. I think it’s important for me to continue to exercise my mind in various directions. So, let’s go!


About renovatio

I'm a recent college graduate looking forward to realizing my dreams. Hopefully, some of you will share in my successes by reading my blogs!
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