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Macedonian nationalism. No Balkan nationalists allowed! Please read before commenting.

I haven’t written in a while.  I decided to come back and see how this blog is doing.  WordPress has changed some of the software.. the inner workings look different.  Any way, I found this comment on one of my … Continue reading

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A “Federal Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia”?

An interesting (though overtly pessimistic) article I recently read mentioned that there are rumors circulating about a federal state in the making between Bulgaria and Macedonia.  While it might be possible, and Bulgarians would certainly like the idea, I’m not … Continue reading

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Macedonia’s name and the issue of cultural heritage

The articles and press reports covering the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece have largely died out nowadays, when the anti-climactic NATO summit in Bucharest came and went without an invitation being extended to Macedonia. That doesn’t mean the dispute … Continue reading

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